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Our Philosophy
To Advocate for those who Advocate for Others. That is not only our work philosophy, but our personal philosophy. From its inception and creation to its unwavering status as the leading web-based CIL database since its release 6 years ago, we are here for CILS and stand by all that they do to help consumers gain independence.

Our software helps Centers for Independent Living to manage their Centers, Consumers, and Funding Report needs. We work with centers and states to assure accurate reports. In addition to those reports we are always available to help analyze data so CILs can focus on helping their consumers while we make sense of all those numbers for you.

We are continually committed to easing the paperwork burden for Independent Living Centers across the country and across the world.

Independence Online
Independence Online is the best web based CIL Management Program available to CILs, built upon the longest series of CIL Management Programs available.

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