Promising Practices in Whole Community Approaches

I recently had the opportunity to participate in the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the CDC Foundation and FEMA’s Whole Community Workshop in Atlanta that brought together seven promising practice teams from across the US. It was an amazing event and gave me insight to what other agencies and organizations are doing to improve access for the Whole Community with regards to emergency services and management. I thought I would provide some resources that I gained from the event.  The following are all ideas and programs that could be easily replicated in your community.  Check them out!!

The Resilientville Exercise–an interactive toolkit and resource page developed by the San Francisco Neighborhood Empowerment Network that introduces stakeholders at any level to the power of the Whole Community Program.

The Neighborfest Tool Kit–the ultimate block party planning tool that inserts disaster preparedness in the middle of a community celebration, developed by the San Francisco Neighborhood Empowerment Network

Arizona’s Emergency Kit Cookoff–a super cool idea to incorporate emergency preparedness in daily life through recipes and fun. Developed by the Arizona Emergency Information Network which is a component of the Arizona Division of Emergency Management.

Arizona’s Educator’s Toolbox–a great resource for educators to provide fun activities to incorporate emergency preparedness in the classroom

Watch for more best practices to come!

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