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At Adage Source, we don’t just recommend and provide the best, most-flexible management systems for your needs. We follow your progress. We help you understand what the numbers mean and how you can use them to further your business. Our report and data analysis skills are second to none. Since we get to know your business, we get to know your expectations. We strive to exceed them every step of the way. There’s no sense in having a customized management system if you don’t know how to use the data it provides.

The Adage Source support team is always ready to help you. When you call, we are there. When you e-mail, we respond. When you have a question, we have an answer. We make sure you are getting the full use of your products and that you are seeing tangible results. We analyze the numbers and give you ways to look at them. We supply support staff in all sections of the company. We help you to go from visualization to customization.
Database Development

While we have options for existing products and industries, many small non-profits have nothing available for what their organization does, and they don't have the budget for big development projects.

"I can't say enough about Adage Source. They are only a phone call or e-mail away. We get an immediate answer and Adage Source understands our needs."
Karen Michalski, Blue Ridge Independent Living Center
To help these organization get what they need while not overspending, Adage Source created the Design-a-Database platform. This platform allows Adage Source and it's clients to build completely custom data management systems from scratch that can collect and report on the information that they need. The easy to use tools allow Adage Source to rapidly develop and deploy a system completely tailored to organizations, and allows them to make changes as they use it without having to start new development projects, keeping everything very reliable and cost effective, while still giving the organization as many or more features than large projects would provide.

Adage Source then continues to work with you, providing support and services that are more personalized to ensure that you are getting what you need.

Have a project that you need developed or estimated?

Let us know what you are looking for and we will work with you to make sure we both understand your needs.
Data Analysis

Most companies and developers that work with databases don't understand the numbers and reports that they create.

Not so with Adage Source!

We have staff who are experienced with large reports, formulas, and calculations. From governmental reports, to big business profitability reports, to non-profit funding reports, we know numbers! And we can help you know them too!

Our data analysists are available to help you understand the reports you need to provide, how to get the most useful information out of your current data, or to discuss your currently statistics and what they mean to your organization.
Consulting Services

Even if you aren't using one of our databases, we can still get to know your data management system and software, to see how you can get more out of it or improve it, or advise on all things data and databases.

We have worked with clients before, learning about their organization and the software they already use so they can get the most out of everything they already have. Or evaluating bid proposals to make sure that our clients can understand what companies are really offering to them and whether they are getting the value out of each bid.

Just need someone to understand, evaluate, advise or explain? You can contact us for that too!
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