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"With CILS First as our database, we never have to worry about programmatic audits. We are secure in the knowledge that our data is accurate (or at least as accurate as the person entering the data) and that our reports will demonstrate the services that we provide. Adage Source is very transparent about how reports are pulled and where data for the 704 and other reports comes from. It eases my mind to know that our numbers are accurate and I can show our auditors how those numbers were determined."
Stephanie Brady, The Independent Living Center
"Having the ability to access an “aggregate” report in CILs First has saved me and my agency time and money. I can now retrieve data information for all of Virginia’s 17 Centers for Independent Living in just a matter of minutes. It was well worth the initial investment and the dollars spent have been recouped many times over!"
Eleanor Williams, Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services
"The Endependence Center has worked very closely with Adage Source since they have been in business providing a database-reporting platform for Centers for Independent Living. We have worked with several of their products as they have evolved and provided input into their design to meet the needs of Centers for Independent Living to be able to prepare the 704 report and other reports for funding sources.

We have beta tested several of their databases over the years and they have been very receptive to suggestions to make the product more useful and user friendly. Customer service is very responsive and they are always willing to assist to resolve an issue or provide guidance on how to accomplish a specific need.

I have worked with CIL databases since 1984 and I have tested many other CIL databases for collecting data for our 704 report. While all of them can provide data for the 704 report, I have not found them to be versatile or easy to use or allow me to collect data for my other funding sources without the developer making changes to the product.

CILs First is the first and only database I have worked with where our CIL is in control of what data we want to collect. I have modified the screens, added and removed screens, and added fields to meet the needs of my various funding sources. Permissions can be set for staff to access only what they need to access. Besides the ability to customize the database, new features are continually being added. Rules have allowed me to make fields required so that staff does not have to remember what must be entered. The dashboard allows the user to see at a glance what services and goals the consumer has. The feature I like the most is the report feature that allows me to customize and develop reports that I need within a few minutes."
Cheryl Simpson, Endependence Center, Inc.
"I can't say enough about Adage Source. They are only a phone call or e-mail away. We get an immediate answer and Adage Source understands our needs."
Karen Michalski, Blue Ridge Independent Living Center
"Adage Source worked with the Brain Injury Services center to create a personalized system, and it was up and running at the offices within a few months. The system met all of our needs and different formats, and it has a ton of customizations."
Karen Luffred, Brain Injury Services, Inc.
"It’s just damn user friendly. I rarely get a questions from staff about how to do something so that says a lot."
Cheryl Gorham, Linking Employment, Abilities and Potential (LEAP)
"I like all the capabilities of Cils First. Being able to use the reports is vital to track services and to make sure you are up to date with your consumers. It makes my job easier. The search on each section is so helpful! Cils First is so much better and functional than [previous program] was! We would have to call them frequently for something not working right, and we rarely call Adage Source for help with Cils First. I especially like the ease in which you can change things in the Admin Options. Altogether, it makes the work we have to do a much more acceptable and manageable experience!"
Marla Michalak, Illinois Valley Center for Independent Living
"What I love about CIL’s first is that we can basically make it what we want to ie: add, delete, make things as required areas etc., etc., etc. The program is very versatile. When ACL asks us to add something we can add it and it auto-populates on the report forms.

If I can’t figure out how to do something then I call on Nathaniel and Aubrey who have always-at this point-been able to help me figure out how to do it."
Jodi Scott, Advocates for Access
"One of the best things about working with Adage Source and using CILS First is the freedom to truly manage your own database. I come from a social work background, not an IT background. However, CILS First is easy even for me to administer. Creating new reports, adding new fields, moving fields around, anything that you need, you have control. And if you want something custom designed beyond your capabilities, Adage Source is just a phone call away."
Stephanie Brady, The Independent Living Center
"The database is more than just a record of services, it’s the best database I’ve ever used. It has the capability to generate and print our reports regarding anything. It can capture any data you’ll ever need."
Karen Michalski, Blue Ridge Independent Living Center
Case Study:
Client: Blue Ridge Independent Living Center

Located in Roanoke, VA, the Blue Ridge Independent Living Center assists individuals with disabilities to live independently. The Center provides peer counseling, independent living skills training, advocacy and information and referral. It strives to create an environment that is accessible to all. Established in 1989, the Center is a private, non-profit community agency providing non-residential programs. It relies on support from state and federal sources as well as donations from regional businesses and individuals.

The Blue Ridge Independent Living Center was going paperless with all of its records. According to director Karen Michalski, the Center needed a flexible database to be able to generate information for its funding sources. Because each source has a different requirement for its reporting process, it was extremely important that the Center be able to access a variety of data immediately and easily, without the constraints of a pre-formatted computer program.

Adage Source developed a customized database to address the Center’s specific needs for flexible funding criteria. It met the needs for the various reports, but Adage Source didn’t stop there. Its principals, Nathaniel and Aubrey Schwartz, made sure the database was future-ready, enabling the Center to modify the criteria for reports and create user-defined fields based on the requirements of the specific report. They expanded the capabilities to encompass the national Centers for Independent Living.

“The database is more than just a record of services,” Michalski said. “It’s the best database I’ve ever used. It has the capability to generate and print our reports regarding anything. It can capture any data you’ll ever need.”

The Adage Source customized database allows The Blue Ridge Center for Independent Living to access necessary data not only for reports to donors, but it also provides a resource module for local resources, community information, a state INR database, local resources and an information referral source. It even allows the Center to inventory its office equipment.

“I can’t say enough about Adage Source. They are only a phone call or e-mail away. We get an immediate answer and Adage Source understands our needs,” Michalski said.

The project is ongoing, and allows the Center to meet the challenges of changing Federal government reporting criteria because they can customize the data within the database with a few simple key strokes.
Case Study:
Client: Brain Injury Services, Inc.

Brain Injury Services is the pioneer in community-based services to those with acquired brain injuries. The Fairfax County, VA, organization helps children and adults with brain injuries to build the skills and confidence necessary to lead productive lives. It acts as a catalyst for solutions to the challenges these individuals face on a daily basis, by providing the most cost-effective services to the client and the community. The organization’s services extend to Northern VA and Fredericksburg.

The Brain Injury Services Center had an outdated database system that was not web-based and was beginning to cause constraints that were unacceptable to the organization. Executives knew a new system could become costly, but they still needed one that was web-based, flexible and self-maintained. The state was moving to paperless records, and the organization needed to have the ability to update the system internally and to run reports on anything they wanted, in any configuration.

While conversing with another brain injury service provider, Chief Operating Officer Karen Luffred learned about Adage Source. After researching the company and finding it listed in the Center for Independent Living Services programs as a trusted vendor, she called for a demonstration. “We had a demonstration and we were sold,” Luffred said.

Adage Source worked with the Brain Injury Services center to create a personalized system, and it was up and running at the offices within a few months. Luffred noted, “The system met all of our needs and different formats, and it has a ton of customizations.”

The new database system is used to track the Brain Injury Services intake process, its consumer profiles, case notes and financial information. Users can scan in documents and create different report formats. Luffred confirmed that the support and clarification from the company is excellent. “They are very responsive, and will take you through a step-by-step process to be sure you understand the system. They have the utmost patience in explaining the system.”

The database programs are endorsed by the state of Virginia for use in any state-funded brain injury programs.
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