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Home of CILs First, BA First, and a leading designer of CRMs and Data Management software for non-profits and small businesses. Our business is serving those who serve others. We specialize in providing non-profits with the best databases that meet their needs. Our approach is one of a kind and allows you to do your job with the confidence that we’re doing ours. With a few simple key strokes, you can create customized reports or forms that meet any of your needs. At Adage Source, we don’t just recommend and provide the best, most-flexible management systems for your needs. We follow your progress. We help you understand what the numbers mean and how you can use them to further your business. Our report and data analysis skills are second to none.

Experience the speed and value that sets Adage Source apart from the crowd. Our shorter time frames result in better pricing options. The value you gain is invaluable.
Are you tired of your CRM only doing a small amount of what you need?
Is it frustrating having to shape your organization around clunky software that doesn't feel right?
Do you pay more than you think you should because you don't know where to find something better?

We solved all those!
Our CRM, Data Management, and Tracking systems are BETTER, EASIER, and GIVE YOU MORE!
"One of the best things about working with Adage Source and using CILS First is the freedom to truly manage your own database. I come from a social work background, not an IT background. However, CILS First is easy even for me to administer. Creating new reports, adding new fields, moving fields around, anything that you need, you have control. And if you want something custom designed beyond your capabilities, Adage Source is just a phone call away."
Stephanie Brady, The Independent Living Center
What makes us better?
Easier to use programs with fewer clicks to get places. We simplify the data entry screens while still giving you more depth of data collection.
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Control your own program! A suite of tools allow you to customize your own system without needing additional programming or technical knowledge.
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We work with you! Even after you are set up with our software, we continue to work with you to ensure you know how to use all the tools and that you account provides what you need.
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"I can't say enough about Adage Source. They are only a phone call or e-mail away. We get an immediate answer and Adage Source understands our needs."
Karen Michalski, Blue Ridge Independent Living Center
We know how to help!
Our designers excel at helping clients understand what they need and want, which is a rare skill even in data design.
Our support staff understand complex reports and help clients ensure that they are getting the information in a way that is accurate and makes sense.
Data analysists are available to breakdown client data into useful outcomes and measurements. Collecting data only matters if you know how to evaluate it.
Want to know more?
We are waiting to hear from you!

For more information or to schedule a demo please email us at or call us at 800-308-4254.
Our Products:
CILs First ... is THE most comprehensive Management and Reporting system for Centers for Independent Living. Designed with input from dozens of CILs, CILs First allows centers to manage all of their programs and funding sources. SILC accounts are also available for state agencies and aggregate reports.
BA First ... created at the request of the Brain Injury centers in Virginia and working state agencies, BA First is tailored to Brain Injury centers and provides what they need for day to day operations.
We also build custom databases, CRMs, data management, tracking, and reporting software for Non-Profits and Small Businesses! Read about some of our custom database clients on our products page.
All databases can be added to, giving you more than an off the shelf product. Just some of our add-ons include:
Client Relations (CRM)
Custom Reporting (For all funding sources)
PA Registry
Time Management
Fund Raising
Project Management
Task Tracking
Our Services:
Database Development:
Our expert staff work with non-profits to design data collection and reporting system specific for them.
Data Analysis:
We breakdown reports and data to help centers understand how to get the most out of the data they have collected.
Consulting Services:
Even if you aren't using one of our databases, we can still get to know your data management system and software, to see how you can get more out of it or improve it.

Not using any software?
We can help look at what is out there for you and evaluate your options, to ensure you get what is best for you.
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